A new clue in the Immram mystery! About a month ago, Escape Artists received some old film reels and Betamax tapes from a woman living in Orly, a suburb in Paris. Apparently, the reels had been hidden inside an antique dresser that had been in the apartment since the 1930s. Astoundingly, the footage was a direct visual accompaniment to "Dignity", the second track on The Voyage of The Corvus Corrone. We have had the film transferred, restored and converted to digital HD.

And now, we are extremely proud to present the full-length music video for "Dignity".

A huge thanks to all those who volunteered on our restoration of this video, without your selfless contributions it would never have been possible.


The Voyage of the Corvus Corrone is a musical journey once again available to all. The team have lovingly created a 64 page, full-colour hardback edition to complement the re-mastered album, extended from it's original length with newly discovered out-takes. A cache of documents from the original recording sessions, thought lost, have been restored and expanded upon to create a full immersive experience. This includes new gatefold illustrations for each track, liner notes and lyrics, a full history and appendices. It is truly a very special release.


Various hi-res digital formats and order of first edition cd/book available here: http://immram.bandcamp.com

This is the title

First Edition - Limited to 1000 imprints.


The full album on CD, encased in a meticulously designed 64-page 12" format book. The first section contains enormous gatefold illustrations recreated from the original sketches, plus lyrics and notes from the original artists.

Next is a full history of the album's creation, it's tragic disappearance and fascinating legacy, and the restoration project undertaken by Escape Artists. Finally, the bonus appendix 'Escape From Xanoths', which provides further insight into the mysteries behind the album, and is immensely entertaining in it's own right. Perfect for disappearing into.


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Brought to you by Paul Mclaney, Matt Pitt (redkidone) & Jeramiah Ross (module) @ Escape Artists Recordings.


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